Born in the season of Leo, Ofnie was raised by two loving middle-aged parents in the south side of Brooklyn, New York. The merge of Caribbean Island and Southern American cultures expanded the knowledge of Ofnie’s upbringing, influencing him empathetically, spiritually and musically (having a DJ for a father didn’t hurt in that area).

Listening to music from both Caribbean and American top chart songs (from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and so on), learning to play the piano in grade school along with tap, jazz, modern and African dance lessons kept Ofnie constantly and physically intertwined in music. Seeing his passion, his mother and sister purchased his first 12″ albums with music from Lionel Richie (“Can’t Slow Down”) and Michael Jackson (“Thriller”) to Pat Benatar (“Heartbreak”) and Shalamar (“A Night to Remember”).

As Ofnie got older, he discovered artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, and grew to appreciate the lyrical content of artists such as Mariah Carey, India Arie, Maxwell and Biggie Smalls, which fueled his gift of songwriting. Currently, Ofnie is performing his own music in major cities and internationally recognized as a Pop Star with a live band, dancers and background singers – which he calls “The Crew”. Ofnie has pushed himself to become an accomplished singer, songwriter and dancer with the help of ATrain Productions (A.B. Peterson, Al Levene, Dean Jackson and the late Darryl aka Big King Boss).

Never letting go of his dream and what was instilled from a child. UFO stands for UNIVERSAL FUSION OF… Ofnie has chosen his label to be music – OFNIE UFO MUSIC to give back to music what it has given to him growing up.

What’s your UFO LABEL?